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A Jampro Company

AlanDick Broadcast Technical Questionnaire

Please try to fill out this questionnaire as completely as possible. It will help us to respond to you quickly and accurately. Thank you.

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Please advise the Transmitter Power Output for each transmitter. Please separate each with a comma if relevant?
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Please indicate if your antennas are likely to suffer from severe weather conditions and if deicing is required?
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Please indicate if a Switching Frame is Required?
Please indicate if a Combiner/Filter is required?
Please advise if a Dehydrator is required?
If required, this will require a separate discussion to establish your requirements.
Anticipated maximum wind speed tolerance required for antennas/tower?
Please indicate the measurement type.
Please advise if you need assistance with the predicted signal coverage?
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Please provide any additional information or notes you feel will help our analysis and a proposal?