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A Jampro Company
A Jampro Company


AlanDick also supplies an extensive range of Combiners-Filters that cover the following frequency ranges:

  • 460-870MHz Band 4/5 UHF TVcombiner-filters
  • 217-230MHz Band 3 DAB Radio
  • 174-230MHz Band 3 VHF TV
  • 88-108MHz Band 2 FM Radio
  • 48-82MHz Band 1 VHF TV

AlanDick Broadcast offers the following types of Combiners-Filters:

  • Bandpass filters/combiners
  • Bandstop filters/combiners
  • Mask filters
  • Constant Impedance combiner modules
  • Starpoint combiner modules
  • Also, Harmonic Filters

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