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VHF Superturnstile Antenna

VHF Superturnstile Antenna

A VHF Superturnstile Antenna comprises of a pole-mounted ‘crossed’ radiating elements fed in phase quadrature. Also, the horizontally polarised antenna employs the familiar “Batwing” radiators as seen in the image below.

VHF Superturnstile Antenna Features include:

  • Suitable for top mounting on existing towers.
  • Simple and economical installation.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Radome protection is available for severe weather conditions.
  • Inherent lightning protection.
  • Wide range of gains available.
  • Available for the single or double main transmission line.
  • Multi-channel options are available.

Furthermore, the Superturnstile also provides an omnidirectional or occasionally a figure eight, horizontally polarised pattern. It provides excellent and reliable service in the Low, Mid and High Bands.

More frequently, it also provides a medium power single channel antenna. We also offer custom designs for two or even three-channel operation. Both analogue and digital transmissions are equally possible.

Each bay of the antenna consists of four galvanised radiating elements of the familiar Batwing shape. The radiators mounted at 90 degrees to one another around the tubular steel supporting pole.

The top and bottom of each radiator solidly connect to the pole. This forms a powerful and robust mechanical assembly. The direct connections also provide a low impedance path to ground.  Excellent protection against lightning discharges is provided.

VHF Superturnstile Antenna Apertures

Excellent antenna gain involves stacking the appropriate number of bay assemblies one upon the other. The spacing is approximately one wavelength apart. This provides the required antenna gain.

Moreover, three standard sizes of Batwing radiator assemblies build up the complete range of Superturnstile’s. These cover the Low, Mid and High Band VHF broadcast channels. Custom radiator designs are available for some dual-channel requirements.

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