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Rigid Transmission Line

AlanDick Broadcast provides a wide range of Rigid Transmission Line and Components. These also form the basic building blocks for the construction of most broadcast systems. We also supply all the components required to erect FM and TV antenna and combiner systems.

Design of the components aims at specific frequency bands. However, the transmission line components are also suitable for use at any frequency.  The sizes conform to both US (EIA) and International standard (IEC). They range from 7/8″ to 6 1/8″.

Our Rigid Transmission Line & Components Catalog include the following:

Transmission Line
  • 7/8″, 1-5/8″, 3-1/8″, 4-1/6″ and 6-1/8″ supported
  • 10ft and 20ft line sections available.
  • 45/90 degree elbows (flanged/unflanged).
  • Tee assemblies.
  • Gas barriers.
  • Anchor insulator connectors.
  • Anchor insulator connector – Expansion.
  • Field flange soft solder and also clamp versions.
  • Unpressurised coupling (also with/without inner connector)
  • Cover plates.
  • Fixed flanges.
  • Swivel flanges.
  • Also provide multiple reducers for all connector sizes.
  • Wall anchor plates.
  • Indoor horizontal hangers.
  • Fixed hangers.
  • Lateral braces.
  • Spring hangers.
  • 4 port patch panels.
  • U-links.

Rigid Line Components

  • 7/8” connector for 1/2” Andrew foam transmission line.
  • 7/8” connector for 7/8” Andrew foam transmission line.
  • 1-5/8” connector for 1–1/4” Andrew foam transmission line.
  • 1-5/8” connector for 1–5/8”Andrew foam transmission line.
  • 7/8th hardware sets.
  • 7/8th silicone O-Rings.
  • 1-5/8th hardware Sets.
  • 3-1/8th hardware Sets.
  • 3-1/8th silicone O-Rings.
  • 6-1/8th hardware Sets.
  • 6-1/8th silicone O-Rings.

In order to purchase Rigid Transmission Line and Components, please download our catalogue. It’s available as a *.PDF file.  In addition, please click here to download the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader application. Please also make a note of the relevant part numbers. As a result, we will be able to locate and ship the parts quickly.

Furthermore, we will aim to ship the same day to ensure the shipment gets to you promptly. However, do let us know if you have problems that have forced you off-air. We will also do what we can to speed up the shipment. Above all, we will aim to minimise any downtime and the resultant costs.

Finally, for pricing and more information, please call us now. Alternatively, please leave a message via our Contact us page. We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss and help plan your project requirements.

Rigid Transmission Line Catalogue Download:

Rigid Line Catalogue