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Directional FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna

Directional FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna

The ADB-CPB-DA Directional FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna and utilises a horizontal radiation pattern. Improvement is also provided by a horizontal reflecting element mounted on the antenna. Each bay also includes a Penetrator style radiating element supported by galvanized steel mounting brackets.

Each antenna also has standard round leg mounting brackets included designed for flat-faced towers. Maximum contact life and minimum power loss are also provided with the use of silver-plated inner conductor connectors.

Directional FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna Specification

  • Frequency Band II – 87.5-108 MHz
  • Circularity 2.0 dB (Free Space)
  • Polarisation – Circular
  • Impedance – 50 ohm
  • VSWR 1.2:1 or better than 20.8 dB

Power Rating for both Medium and High Power Projects.

Product Notes for the Directional FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna

  1. All inputs EIA flange, female.
  2. Power derating occurs above 2,000ft/609.6m elevation.
  3. Power and dB gains are typical directional gains for horizontal and vertical components.
  4. Special mounting brackets are also available.
  5. Other combinations of EIA inputs and power rating available.
  6. Free space azimuth circularity is 2.0 dB.
  7. Polarization is the right hand, clockwise, circular.
  8. Power gain is based on a half-wave dipole in free space.

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ADB-CPB-DA - Directional FM Broadband Broadcast Antenna