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Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna – ADB-AHD

ADB AHD Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna
Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna – ADB-AHD

The Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna is an excellent choice for stations looking for above-average pattern stability. It also provides excellent control over the axial ratio. Designed for Bands I, II (FM), and III, it easily adapts to multi-station use. It will mount on the side of large towers or other large supporting structures. Power rating is 10 kW per panel, however higher powers are available on request.

Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna Specification:

Furthermore, the ADB-AHD VHF Panel antenna has a side-mount design. The modular approach provides various azimuth and elevation patterns.

The beam tilt and null fill options deliver an elevation pattern shaped for maximising coverage. Moreover, its circularly polarised antenna configuration includes varying levels of vertical polarisation. Results range from small amounts of elliptical to full circular polarisation.

The ADB-AHD VHF Panel Antenna can produce a wide variety of standard and custom azimuth patterns. Different configurations will produce various gains, weights and wind loads.

HD Capabilities:

Also, the Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna supports a dual input HD FM antenna system designed for full service. Supporting 50-100kW ERP stations. It also provides exemplary linearity and power handling capability.

Designed for HD Radio/IBOC, the folded hybrid feed for the dipoles mounts behind each dipole array. It provides dry air or nitrogen pressurisation from the input connectors through to the radiating dipoles. This protects the antenna from damage caused by moisture invasion.

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