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A Jampro Company
A Jampro Company

Press Release 8th April 2020

AlanDick Broadcast Satisfies Largest Broadcast Network Operator in the World.

Cheltenham, UK (Apr. 8th, 2020) – AlanDick Broadcast Ltd (ADBL) is nearing the completion of a contract/frame agreement. This is to replace over 200 UHF DVB-T Antenna Systems that were delivered on time, for the Largest Broadcast Network Operator in the world. This was to supply broadband UHF systems for the 700 MHz “clearance” in Europe or “repack” in North America.

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The newly designed DVB-T Broadband systems provide broadband services and allow the combining of 8-10 UHF DVB-T channels. Many installations also required a Helicopter to install the fully enclosed radome antennas.

The 700 MHZ clearance projects began more than 4 years ago in Europe. ADBL carried out the UHF broadband system re-engineering. The focus was to ensure full compliance with the new requirements and
TV channels.

The initial contract was to re-engineer more than 150 systems. Then develop broadband or UHF systems to achieve the new and even greater bandwidth required. ADBL engineering staff utilised state of the art technology and design engineering tools. This allowed the development of entirely new systems and replaced an ageing network. In many cases, it also increased both coverage and service areas.

About AlanDick Broadcast Ltd.

AlanDick broadcast Ltd. (ADBL) is the oldest antenna company in the UK and is also one of the oldest in Europe. Its roots derive from both the BBC and EMI. ADBL is a subsidiary of North America’s oldest antenna manufacturer, Jampro Antennas Inc. based in Sacramento California. Additional information on AlanDick Broadcasting Ltd. can be obtained at

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