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A Jampro Company

UHF Retuneable Channel Combiner

UHF Retuneable Channel Combiner

The ADB CCC-X0X-1UT UHF Retuneable Channel Combiner provides a Constant Impedance Mask Filter/Combiner. A TV broadcaster can then combine several UHF television transmitters into a single broadband TV antenna. Furthermore, in the event of required channel changes, the module will allow changes to be made on site.

A Superior Quality Constant Impedance UHF Retuneable Channel Combiner.

Also, both electrical and mechanical performance testing assure strict adherence to the AlanDick Broadcast level of superior quality.

Features include:

  • 470 MHz – 700 MHz (minimum).
  • Field-Tuneable
  • Constant Impedance (Balance Type).
  • Up to 10kW average per channel.
  • Rugged High-Quality Design.

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