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A Jampro Company
A Jampro Company

CN Tower Opened today in 1976

CN Tower Opened today in 1976
CN Tower Toronto Canada

AlanDick Broadcast Ltd (ADBL) today celebrates the opening of the CN Tower in Toronto back on 23rd June 1976.   During the early ’70s, we started discussions regarding multiple broadcast systems. During the following years, we engineered and supplied both broadcast antennas and combiners. These included 10x FM, VHF band I, III, and UHF broadband panel systems. These combined several UHF TV channels and included Radome support and enclosed structures.  

”It is with great pride AlanDick celebrates this occasion and a major historical milestone for us. “Said Chris Randall, Engineering Manager at ADBL.  

ADBL – Ahead of the Technology Curve

The antenna/combining systems installed were technologically years ahead. These were predecessors to many products and technologies that ADBL developed and has since supplied to the broadcast industry globally. The fact that the products continue in service, long after installation speaks volumes. The quality and ruggedness of all products remain as good today.

AlanDick broadcast Ltd. (ADBL) is the oldest antenna company in the UK and is also one of the oldest in Europe. Its roots derive from both the BBC and EMI. ADBL is a subsidiary of North America’s oldest antenna manufacturer, Jampro Antennas Inc. which is based in Sacramento California.

Used in many large broadcast installations globally, our broadband systems for UHF/VHF has been at the forefront of technology. This is for both broadcast and indeed the Cellular/Mobile industries. ADBL also developed and supplied antenna systems for major organisations. These include Vodafone, Orange, AT&T. Several other major operators were supplied globally.   In recent years for the United Kingdom and its 700 MHz clearance/repack, ADBL supplied nearly 200 UHF broadband systems. These installations were for Arqiva, the world’s largest broadcast network operator.

How ADBL moves forward following the CN Tower Opened today in 1976

Further development of NextGen solutions for DVB-T/T2 and indeed ATSC 3.0 in the USA has been a primary objective. The development of broadband variable polarisation and EPOL/CPOL systems continues today.   ADBL was originally part of the BBC before becoming EMI. AlanDick later acquired the company. However, in 2011 Jampro Antennas purchased AlanDick where it remains today.

To download a datasheet on the CN Tower installation please download via the link below. There is also an interesting YouTube video showing the construction of the tower. This included the antenna sections being lifted via a Helicopter.


CN Tower 1976