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UHF Dual Mode Waveguide Bandpass Filter

The ADB-WBE-306 UHF Dual Mode Waveguide Bandpass Filter includes 6 sections with dual-mode cavities.  Furthermore, high isolation and compact design provide very low loss performance.

UHF Dual Mode Waveguide Bandpass Filter

UHF Filter Specification:

  • 8 MHz Bandwidth.
  • VSWR 1.10 over.
  • Waveguide dual-mode cavities.
  • High isolation.+
  • Low losses.
  • Coaxial input/output.
  • Also includes a Compact design.
  • Convection cooling, as a result, provides a  very stable temperature.

*Higher than 20 kW power handling is also available. Contact AlanDick Broadcast for futher details.

UHF Dual Mode Waveguide Bandpass Filter

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Datasheet Download:

ADB-WBE-306 UHF Dual Mode Waveguide BPF