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UHF TV Broadcast Panel Antennas (H90)

The UHF TV Broadcast Panel Antennas design produces an omnidirectional Horizontal Radiation Pattern (HRP). Furthermore, it uses four panels mounted around a square structure with a face width of 640mm. Please also refer to the azimuth pattern below to understand the coverage.

Moreover, the antenna has a broadband design for the UHF band 470 – 860 MHz. This design is also ideal for transmitting several high-power Digital or Analogue channels. The panel antenna is also an essential building block for constructing UHF antenna arrays within high-growth coverage areas.

UHF TV Broadcast Panel Antenna (H90) Specification

  • Frequency Range: 470-860 MHz
  • Polarisation: Horizontal
  • Power Rating = according to input connector
    • 1 5/8″ IEC 5kW @ 860MHz
    • 7/8″ IEC 1.8W @ 860MHz
  • Electrical Length 2 x wavelengths @ 565MHz
  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Input VSWR 1.1:1
  • Gain: (relative to halfwave dipole)
    • 10.9dB @ 470MHz
    • 12.0dB @ 630MHz
  • Lightning Protection: DC Grounded
  • Construction: Passivated Aluminium screen | Brass Radiating elements, copper inner
  • Ice Protection: GRP Radome
  • Weight: 12 kgs
  • Aerodynamic Area Front: (m sq.) 0.55 Side (m sq.) 0.24
  • Dimensions: (mm) 1070 x 510 x 226

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