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UHF TV Panel Antennas

UHF Panel Antenna Elliptical-Circular

The E90 and C90 UHF TV Panel Antennas provide both Elliptical and Circular polarisation. It is ideal for broadband applications in either polarisation. This design produces an omnidirectional horizontal radiation pattern (HRP) using four panels mounted around a 640mm square structure.

Moreover, individual inputs for horizontal and vertical field components are available. Users can choose levels of power within each polarisation plane. Additionally, the E90 and C90 models design support both digital and analogue TV plus mobile video broadcast.

Furthermore, this product construction with the highest quality materials, the panel offers long-lasting durability in all environmental conditions globally. The E90 and C90 panel antennas also provide a modular design. This can also provide various azimuth and elevation patterns.

UHF TV Panel Antennas Elliptical-Circular Product Notes

  • DTV, ISDB-T, DVB-T/H, Analog, NTSC, PAL UHF bands IV & V
  • Also supports broadband multiple channel operation
  • Flexible panel placement for custom patterns
  • Optional mounting spine for top
  • Mount configuration
  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Fibreglass radome protection
  • DC Grounded for lightning protection

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