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A Jampro Company
A Jampro Company

FM Radio Broadcast Antenna

The ADB-FM3 VPOL FM Radio Broadcast Antenna (side-mounted) consists of a Balun-fed vertical dipole. It also includes a power divider and heliax coaxial feed lines. The vertical dipole antenna contains stainless steel elements and a brass inner conductor. Moreover, we manufacture all associated brackets and hardware. These include hot-dipped galvanised steel that provides many years of dependable service.


  • Vertical polarisation
  • VSWR: 1.2:1 or better
  • Excellent duplexing capabilities
  • Medium power handling
  • Beam tilt and null fill available
  • Custom directional patterns are available
  • Reduced element spacing for minimising RF levels

ADB-FM3 FM Radio Broadcast Antenna – VPOL

The ADB-FM3 vertically polarised FM array will ship assembled and factory-tuned. We will conduct the tuning on an electrically similar tower structure to ensure the correct impedance and a low VSWR. The antenna features a symmetrical bandpass and is ideal for HD Radio™ and analogue broadcasting.


FM Radio Broadcast Antenna