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A Jampro Company
A Jampro Company

UHF Antenna – Band IV 470 – 700 MHz

The ADB-JVD UHF Antenna design provides a low to medium power vertically polarised solution.  Also its enclosed by a full cylindrical radome, it provides full environmental protection and minimises urban visual impact.

UHF AntennaMoreover, the broadband antenna delivers multiple UHF channels for simultaneous transmission.  Also, the antenna assembly, tuning and testing guarantee performance. This also ensures there is no question about its performance.  Furthermore, directional antennas are a custom feature available. Please contact Alan Dick for more details.

UHF Antenna Specifications:

  • Band IV 470 – 700 MHz
  • NTSC and CCIR Channels
  • Brass / Aluminium
  • Semi-Flexible Interbay Lines
  • Assembled and Tested
  • Beam Tilt and Null Fill Available

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UHF Antenna Datasheet Download: